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See examples folders for usage of this module.


Name Version
terraform >= 0.12
azurerm >= 2.0.0


Name Version
azurerm >= 2.0.0


Name Description Type Default Required
access_tier Access tier for the blobstorage,filestorage & StorageV2 accounts string "Hot" no
account_kind Kind of Account we want to use. string "StorageV2" no
account_replication_type Replication type to use for the storage account string n/a yes
account_tier Type of the tier to use for the storage account string n/a yes
enable_https_traffic_only Boolean flag which forces HTTPS if enabled, see for more information. Defaults to true. bool true no
enabled Enable or not the module. bool true no
is_hns_enabled This can be used with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 bool false no
location Location of the virtual network. string n/a yes
resource_group_name Resource group where the vnet resides. string n/a yes
storage_account_name Name of the storage Account string n/a yes
storage_containers List of containers to create and their access levels. list(object({ name = string, access_type = string })) [] no
storage_shares List of share to create list(object({ name = string, quota = string })) [] no
tags Tags to add to the virtual network. map {} no


Name Description
containers_id n/a
id n/a
primary_location n/a
storage_account_name n/a
storage_shares_id n/a