• 7 months ago
  • 11.0.0

    guillaume.donval 10 months ago 1 commits to master since this release

    • feat (BREAKING): upgrades to support Terraform 0.13 properly
    • feat (BREAKING): adds validation to all the variables
    • feat: adds aws_autoscaling_schedule to add ASG schedules
    • feat: adds var.volume_kms_key_external_exist
    • refactor (BREAKING): removes convoluted loops to handle module count
    • refactor (BREAKING): renames ec2_external_primary_network_insterface_id to var.ec2_external_primary_network_interface_id
    • refactor (BREAKING): removes var.use_external_primary_network_interface
    • refactor (BREAKING): changes multiple variables types from lists to simple types
    • refactor (BREAKING): rename external*volumes to extra*volumes
    • refactor (BREAKING): rename this extra NICs resources to this_extra
    • refactor (BREAKING): remove iam_instance_profile_external_name to use iam_instance_profile_name directly
    • refactor (BREAKING): all EC2 outputs are now singular instead of plural
    • refactor (BREAKING): var.use_num_suffix is now true by default
    • refactor (BREAKING): transform EIP outputs in objects with key primary and extra
    • refactor (BREAKING): rename and change in objects extra_network_interface_XXX to network_interface_XXX containing both primary and extra
    • refactor (BREAKING): removes extra_network_interface_public_ips output
    • refactor (BREAKING): most names are now not incremental anymore, except extra volumes and NICs
    • refactor: Split resources into more digestable, smaller files
    • doc: changes most variables descriptions to be more accurate and give more insight
    • doc: updates README: update what the module does and improves limitations section
    • maintenance: pins pre-commit dependencies to latest versions
    • fix: fix the ability to inject external primary network interface for EC2
    • fix: also use var.prefix for IAM Role and Instance Profile
    • fix: creates a KMS grant when KMS and ASG is used, to allow ASG to use the key for decrypting volumes
  • 10.0.0

    guillaume.donval 11 months ago 26 commits to master since this release

    • feat (BREAKING): do not create instance profile by default
    • feat (BREAKING): default instance type is changes to t3.small to cheaper t3.nano
    • feat: if no AMI is specified, now uses the latest amazon linux AMI
    • test: adds a default baby example
    • doc: improves some variables description
  • 9.0.0

    quentin.vallin 1 year ago 35 commits to master since this release

    • feat (BREAKING): add prefix (volume_kms_key_alias is now automaticaly prefixed by alias/)
    • feat: Add external primary network inteface to use an external ENI for EC2 instances
    • chore: fix provider assume role
  • 8.0.0

    guillaume.donval 1 year ago 42 commits to master since this release

    • feat(BREAKING): uses external resource to create primary network interface for EC2
    • feat(BREAKING): uses external resource to create primary EIP when needed
    • feat(BREAKING): removes eip_create as it now equals associate_public_ip_address
    • feat: adds ipv4_address_count to set primary netint IPv4 addresses
    • feat: adds description to primary network interface
    • feat: adds generic description to extra network interfaces
    • feat: adds names to the network interface and extra network interfaces
    • refactor: removes unused launch_template_ipv4_address_count
    • fix: adds suffixes for external volumes and KMS keys when us_num_suffix=true
  • 7.1.1

    quentin.vallin 1 year ago 48 commits to master since this release

    • fix: typo in to be usable with terraform 0.13
  • 7.1.0

    guillaume.donval 1 year ago 50 commits to master since this release

    • feat: removes managed-by=Terraform tags for ASG instances
    • fix: makes sure zipmap don’t makes error when a resources is destroyed with target
  • 7.0.0

    guillaume.donval 1 year ago 53 commits to master since this release

    • feat: Add a default name for the root block device of EC2 instances
    • feat (BREAKING): start external volume index at 2
  • 6.2.0

    christophe.vkerchove 1 year ago 60 commits to master since this release

    • feat: Allow for delete on termination on root block device as a variable
  • 6.1.1

    guillaume.donval 1 year ago 61 commits to master since this release

    • fix: fix AutoScaling group creation with latest AWS provider
    • fix: fix cpu_options for ASG
    • fix: fix not working dynamic blocks throughout the module
    • tech: update possible version for AWS provider to 2.60 and up
    • test: rename no-instances-no-volumes example to disabled
    • test: add an example with Windows machine