332 Commits (master)

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  Julien Cabillot 93b4c915ce
chore: bump pre-commit hooks to fix jenkins test 8 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 85a28ecb19
fix: fixes rebase 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval a7ae53e6e1
refactor: removes depends on 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 6ff937e9aa
fix: makes sure KMS grant is only created when needed 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 778cca1373
fix: avoids error with grant when no key ARN is given 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval a63af64c46
test: unblocks external ASG test 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 71dddef748
fix: creates a KMS grant when KMS and ASG is used, to allow ASG to use the key for decrypting volumes 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 1d4444fd04
fix: various fixes after reading 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval de76fc7721
refactor: adds an "S" to autosacling_group.tf file to be coherent 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 3b9d8cd51b
refactor: Split resources into more digestable, smaller files 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval a6e60f90d3
fix: changes outputs for EIP to get information in NIC instead of EiPs 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval e93a2d6477
fix: comment outputs until upstream bug is fixed 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 2a16f3ac3f
Revert "fix: comment outputs until upstream bug is fixed" 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 0975906187
fix: comment outputs until upstream bug is fixed 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval ff0888685d
doc: various variable descriptions fixes 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 5725c12993
doc: changes wrong documentation 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval fc6c5a5e58
fix: makes private_ips_count ignore change too as it breaks idempotence 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval f0fd45d5fa
fix: ignores target group ARN directly in the ASG 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval e99899cbb2
fix: fixes fetching AMI 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval c83e5182eb
fix: various fixes after reading 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 27c0f72bfe
test: unlocks tests 10 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 0fff47fc83
test: disables tests temporarily waiting for Terraform 0.13 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 5258a7c30c
doc: updates README: update what the module does and improves `limitations` section 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 35c6775ce6
refactor: changes examples: simpler, more complete, more examples 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval f84e61e144
feat (BREAKING): upgrades to support Terraform 0.13 properly 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval b3102e3c34
maintenance: pins pre-commit dependencies to latest versions 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval a78323d0b5
test: fixes disabled example 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 63f932a967
doc: improves various variables descriptions 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 983e8d7915
doc: better describe AMI variable 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 0e92d3b236
doc: updates CHANGELOg 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 863bbd1eb6
test: adds a default baby example 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 66dcaa40fe
feat: if no AMI is specified, now uses the latest amazon linux AMI 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 7352471819
feat (BREAKING): default instance type is changes to t3.small to cheaper t3.nano 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval 6e6636cfff
doc: improves some variables description 11 months ago
  Guillaume Donval f18f7ff1f1
feat (BREAKING): do not create instance profile by default 11 months ago
  Quentin Vallin 57f5556643
fix: typo in variable description 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin eb85684c09
fix: missing arg 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 42608116f2
fix: naming 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 2de90595fc
doc: update changelog 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 7bea0dcdcd
feat: add prefix 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 251a7a80bc
chore: fix provider assume role 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin bd748be712
feat: Add external primary NIC 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval 8f8b03271a
doc: updates CHANGELOG 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval 4767c5e7c8
feat(BREAKING): uses external resource to create primary network interface for EC2 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval d58151a81c
feat: adds generic description to extra network interfaces 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval 83b86d1a4c
feat: adds names to the network interface and extra network interfaces 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval 583e9b8e79
refactor: removes unused launch_template_ipv4_address_count 1 year ago
  Guillaume Donval 4ed201c6ea
fix: adds suffixes for external volumes and KMS keys when us_num_suffix=true 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 80e04e9b85
doc: update changelog 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin bd734fb368
fix: typo in versions.tf for terraform 0.13 1 year ago