Generic module to creates SSM Parameters for AWS.
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  • fix: typo in to be usable with terraform 0.13


  • feat: (BREAKING) Rename overwrite and add overwrites variables


  • fix: Prevent null resource on IAM policy without KMS key


  • fix: Add parameters_count variable. You must update you module with this variable, otherwise, no SSM paramters will be created. This fix a terraform 0.12 pre-processor issue.
  • tech: Remove kms_key_id variable. SSM parameter resource can now accept both KMS key ID or KMS key ARN.
  • tech: Remove old limitation when trying to switch from SecureString to String since AWS provider 2.47.0 fix an issue #10819


  • feat: allow default KMS key
  • fix: KMS key outputs form list to string. WARNING, THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE
  • fix: module outputs plural now singular: kms_key_arn, kms_key_id and kms_alias_arn. WARNING, THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE.
  • fix: fix terraform pre-processor issue when use a kms_key_id