Generic module to creates SSM Parameters for AWS.
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No policies with an external KMS key exemple

Create SSM parameters using an external KMS key and don't create policies


To run this example, you need to execute:

$ terraform init
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply


Name Version
terraform >= 0.14
aws >= 3.0
random >= 3.0


Name Version
aws >= 3.0
random >= 3.0


Name Source Version
external_kms_no_policy ../../ n/a


Name Type
aws_kms_alias.this resource
aws_kms_key.this resource
random_string.this resource


Name Description Type Default Required
access_key Credentials: AWS access key. string n/a yes
secret_key Credentials: AWS secret key. Pass this as a variable, never write password in the code. string n/a yes


Name Description
arns n/a
iam_policy_read_only_arn n/a
iam_policy_read_only_description n/a
iam_policy_read_only_id n/a
iam_policy_read_only_name n/a
iam_policy_read_only_path n/a
iam_policy_read_only_policy n/a
iam_policy_read_write_arn n/a
iam_policy_read_write_description n/a
iam_policy_read_write_id n/a
iam_policy_read_write_name n/a
iam_policy_read_write_path n/a
iam_policy_read_write_policy n/a
kms_alias_arn n/a
kms_alias_target_key_arn n/a
kms_key_arn n/a
kms_key_id n/a
names n/a
types n/a
versions n/a