25 Commits (master)

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  Charles CÈBE cf6c406d86
refactor: least provider versions 1 month ago
  Julien Cabillot 1f79e2b6d1
fix: count on `data "aws_iam_policy_document" "kms_key_*"`, don't run when `! var.use_default_kms_key` 8 months ago
  Kim Samba 29431bc31c
chore: bump pre-commit 8 months ago
  Christophe van de Kerchove 8020a60c19
feat: (BREAKING) Rename overwrite and add overwrites variables 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin e8162c752d
fix: wrong condition 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 3056c1c9ac
fix: don't create data when kms key isn't required 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 1244016ecc
tech: remove kms_key_id 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 2af87c6ac0
fix/ terraform precompute issue 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 55193bf113
tech/ de duplicate code for outputs 1 year ago
  Quentin Vallin 5366ec8fd8
fix/ kms_key_creation 1 year ago
  Christophe van de Kerchove e5d23dd6e3
Fix wrong translations of conditions by terraform 2 years ago
  Christophe van de Kerchove 9df3732df4
Remove count variables as they are not needed anymore 2 years ago
  Christophe van de Kerchove 060ea1dea9
Adapting file to terraform 0.12 2 years ago
  Julien Cabillot 3bed4edd7a
Fix fmt 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin f4a2de9222
forget to fix it 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 027a3bc0a3
replace - to nothing 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin bb0c7d9433
add doc + fix issue no kms 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin c4da62a340
fix/ overwrite 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin dda1c2ffc1
fix overwrite issue 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 5e12db3c38
various fixes 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 190d6ea59e
fix typo and some tests 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 16795a3470
add write output 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 89984fee34
TODO - Write policy 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin ca843765e6
add variables and outputs 2 years ago
  Quentin Vallin 43a44ec079
wip 2 years ago