Module to manage AWS Backup with Terraform.
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1.0.0 / 2019-11-21

  • breaking: terraform 0.12 upgrade & best practices

0.1.0 / 2019-10-10

  • Merge branch ‘feature/module’ of fxinnovation-public/terraform-module-aws-backup into master
  • feat: adds depends_on
  • refactor: removes all the >0
  • fix: fixes condition for backup plan
  • fix: fixes conditions for Selection Role
  • fix: fixes conditions for KMS key
  • test: adds example with external vault
  • fix: fixes outputs
  • test: fixes outputs for some examples
  • test: adds test with External KMS key
  • fix: fixes
  • fix: fixes variable type
  • fix: uses ARN for selection by ressource
  • test: adds disabled example
  • fix: makes sure resources is a list
  • fix: changes outputs without splat syntaw
  • fix: fixes variable type
  • test: adds outputs & readme for default example
  • test: adds default example
  • doc: fixes comment header in variable
  • tech: adds outputs for the module
  • feat: adds main module & variables
  • doc: adds limitations on documentation
  • Merge branch ‘feature/init’ of fxinnovation-public/terraform-module-aws-backup into master
  • refactor: fixes style
  • tech: adds and
  • tech: adds empty
  • test: adds Jenkinsfile
  • tech: initial files for the module
  • Initial commit