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  Kelsey M 088f30d5bd
feat: Adding vpc_flow_log_permissions_boundary (#536) 1 week ago
  Larry Aiello cacc2b01c5
feat: Lambda VPC Endpoint (#534) 3 months ago
  Pablo Serrano 366d459fb5
feat: Added Codeartifact API/Repo vpc endpoints (#515) 3 months ago
  Anton Babenko 02c4de8fa2 docs: Updated docs with pre-commit 4 months ago
  Pablo Serrano 25b8ae21ad
feat: Added Textract vpc endpoint (#509) 4 months ago
  Hao CHEN b874b384b3
fix: Split appstream to appstream_api and appstream_streaming (#508) 4 months ago
  Anton Babenko 68ec4f83ef
feat: Added tflint as pre-commit hook (#507) 4 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 6b765ba05a
feat: add enable_public_s3_endpoint variable for S3 VPC Endpoint for public subnets (#502) 4 months ago
  Volodymyr Zahorniak 5326d93eb1
feat: Add ability to create CodeDeploy endpoint to VPC (#501) 4 months ago
  Hao CHEN 02ae641a1b
feat: Add ability to create RDS endpoint to VPC (#499) 4 months ago
  Clément L 75a18883c5
docs: Fix typo in nat_public_ips (#460) 7 months ago
  Bryant Biggs d271a8c004
feat: manage default security group (#382) 7 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 2580c9e13d
feat: add support for disabling IGW for public subnets (#457) 7 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 7b7e08d5c3
fix: Output list of external_nat_ips when using external eips (#432) 7 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 36832ff015
feat: Add support for VPC flow log max_aggregation_interval (#431) 7 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 1e030af652
feat: Added support for more VPC endpoints (#369) 8 months ago
  Jarosław Wygoda 6b93437d74
feat: Add VPC Endpoint for SES (#449) 8 months ago
  Pablo Serrano e82814fb7a
feat: Add EC2 Auto Scaling VPC endpoint (#374) 9 months ago
  Chris Adams 7302302f22
docs: Document create_database_subnet_group requiring database_subnets (#424) 10 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 81f60d3352
feat: Add intra subnet VPN route propagation (#421) 10 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik dea4664b49
Add support for specifying AZ in VPN Gateway (#401) 10 months ago
  Miguel Ferreira b11d6676b7
Add VPC Flow Logs capabilities (#316) 10 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik ea577949f6
Added support for both types of values in azs (names and ids) (#370) 11 months ago
  Anton Babenko 5bd21bdc74
Added Customer Gateway resource (#360) 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik ec49d4334d Add Elastic File System & Cloud Directory VPC Endpoints (#355) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 3514a0cb74 Fixed spelling mistakes 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 2741fe90fc Added VPC Endpoints for AppStream, Athena & Rekognition (#335) 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik de3d4e166a Add VPC endpoints for CloudFormation, CodePipeline, Storage Gateway, AppMesh, Transfer, Service Catalog & SageMaker(Runtime & API) (#324) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 32d1aa1f7d
Added support for EC2 ClassicLink (#322) 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 3c7a103622 Added tags to VPC Endpoints (#292) 1 year ago
  Edward Viaene 2fbaaacd0a Added more VPC endpoints (Glue, STS, Sagemaker Notebook), and all missing outputs (#311) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko be962ae74e
Add IPv6 support (#317) 1 year ago
  Edward Viaene 16d5f0e918 Added Kinesis streams and firehose VPC endpoints (#301) 1 year ago
  Christian Kemper 4e31800241 adding transfer server vpc end point support 1 year ago
  Christian Kemper 98bc929d6f adding codebuild, codecommit and git-codecommit vpc end point support 1 year ago
  Christian Kemper 7c4ddd6486 adding config vpc end point support 1 year ago
  Christian Kemper 0f3d57ff23 adding secrets manager vpc end point support 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 158b7d79ec Added VPC Endpoints for SNS, Cloudtrail, ELB, Cloudwatch (#269) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 0588b3403b Fixed merge conflicts 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 4ae9806072
Finally, Terraform 0.12 support (#266) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 8ab27d0e29 Added VPC endpoints for SQS (closes #248) 1 year ago
  Ilia Lazebnik 03e8c62a59 ECS endpoint (#261) 1 year ago
  Andreas Wittig 661d211bac Improving DHCP options docs (#260) 1 year ago
  Nikos Loutas 08c765965a Add support for KMS VPC endpoint creation (#243) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 65b893a6d8
Network ACLs (#238) 1 year ago
  bmihaescu 9b859ff5ac Redshift public subnets (#222) 1 year ago
  tharun-allu 2aca6d247e API gateway Endpoint (#225) 1 year ago
  Kinnaird McQuade b65963edbd Added intra subnet suffix. (#220) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 03eded61e4 Fixed formatting after #213 1 year ago
  Michiel Dhadamus 176a596fc8 Added subnet ids to ecr endpoints 1 year ago