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  Anton Babenko 161274b5d5
docs: Updated README and pre-commit (#537) 2 months ago
  Anton Babenko 02c4de8fa2 docs: Updated docs with pre-commit 4 months ago
  Anton Babenko 68ec4f83ef
feat: Added tflint as pre-commit hook (#507) 4 months ago
  Anton Babenko 8f6fd89825 Updated pre-commit hooks 7 months ago
  quentin9696 48ff6e6fdc
feat: Add routes table association and route attachment outputs (#398) 8 months ago
  betajobot b76ceeb30a [ci skip] Create ".pre-commit-config.yaml". 10 months ago
  Miguel Ferreira b11d6676b7
Add VPC Flow Logs capabilities (#316) 10 months ago
  Ilia Lazebnik ea577949f6
Added support for both types of values in azs (names and ids) (#370) 11 months ago
  Eytan Hanig 8967f0d81e Set minimum terraform version to 0.12.6 (fixes circleci) (#390) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 191e48984c
Updated pre-commit-terraform with terraform-docs 0.8.0 support (#388) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 3514a0cb74 Fixed spelling mistakes 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko f913987c5a Fixed README after merge 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 1d5f04cab6 Updated version of pre-commit-terraform 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 99b5eb887f
Updated pre-commit-terraform to support terraform-docs and Terraform 0.12 (#288) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 4ae9806072
Finally, Terraform 0.12 support (#266) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 8ab27d0e29 Added VPC endpoints for SQS (closes #248) 1 year ago
  Anton Babenko 8e2f50e6c8 Reordered vars in count for database_nat_gateway route 2 years ago
  Anton Babenko 57604d2e38 Updated pre-commit version with new terraform-docs script 2 years ago
  Anton Babenko 503abdb534 Prepared release, updated README a bit 2 years ago
  Anton Babenko 11f92366cd
Added pre-commit hook to autogenerate terraform-docs (#127) 2 years ago
  Anton Babenko 07654cffc5
Added possibility to create VPC conditionally (#74) 3 years ago