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This image contains ESEx. The image is based on the official alpine image to keep it light.


We do NOT push a latest tag for this image. You should always pin a specific version for it.

Note: We publish a master tag, this tag should not be used in production, we use it internally for testing purposes


docker run --rm -e [KEY]=[VALUE] fxinnovation/esex:[TAG]
Key Default Value
ESEX_ES_HOST elasticsearch
ESEX_S3_BUCKET_NAME s3-export-bucket
ESEX_S3_ROLE_ARN arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/es-s3-repository

Note: You can find information for setting this up usig AWS ES Service here:

Note: For now, this container is basically a shell script, altough I know this is not ideal, this was the quickest way to have something working. Once there will be some time, we will make this tool evolve into something a bit more evolved


We set labels on our images with additional information on the image. we follow the guidelines defined at Visit their website for more information about those labels.

Comments & Issues

If you have comments or detect an issue, please be advised we don't check the docker hub comments. You can always contact us through the repository.