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This image contains aws-nuke and a custom python script that automatically recreate default resource on demande (Default VPC, subnets, internet gateway, DHCP options and security groups). The image is based on the official alpine image. It should be more lightweight this way.


We push a latest tag on this repository, to run an older version please checkout the different tags. We do not follow the aws-nuke release tags in the docker image tags. You can always find the cloud-nuke version in the Dockerfile that was used to create the image or you can use the labels.


For aws-nuke help, you can run this command

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data fxinnovation/aws-nuke --help

If RECREATE_DEFAULT_VPC_RESOURCES environment variable is set, this will recreate all default resources on all regions.

docker run -it --rm -v ${pwd}/config.yaml:/data/config.yaml -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<access_key> -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret_key> -e RECREATE_DEFAULT_VPC_RESOURCES=true -e AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=ca-central-1 fxinnovation/aws-nuke -c /data/config.yaml --force --no-dry-run


You can use both aws profile or aws environment variable to pass credentials

docker run -it --rm -v ${pwd}/config.yaml:/data/config.yaml -v /home/user/.aws/credentials:/root/.aws/credentials -e RECREATE_DEFAULT_VPC_RESOURCES=true fxinnovation/aws-nuke -c /data/config.yaml --force --no-dry-run

For more information about aws-nuke configuration file, see offical repository on github


We set labels on our images with additional information on the image. we follow the guidelines defined at Visit their website for more information about those labels.

Comments & Issues

If you have comments or detect an issue, please be advised we don't check the docker hub comments. You can always contact us through the repository.


Contributions are welcome.