Helm chart for azure_metrics_exporter.
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This chart deploys the azure_metrics_exporter for use with prometheus.


Key Default Description
replicaCount 3 Number of replicas
image.repository 'fxinnovation/azure_metrics_exporter' Repository of the docker image to be used
image.tag '0.5.0' Tag of the docker image to be used
image.pullPolicy 'IfNotPresent' Pull policy of the image to be used
nameOverride '' overrides the name of the chart
fullnameOverride '' overrides the full name of the chart
service.type 'ClusterIP' Type of service to be used
service.port 80 Service port to be used
resources.limits.cpu 100m Limit CPU of the container
resources.limits.memory 128Mi Memory limit of the container
resources.requests.cpu 10m Requested CPU of the container
resources.requests.memory 64Mi Memory requested by the container
nodeSelector {} node selection constraint
tolerations [] scheduling tolerations
affinity {} node and inter-pod affinity and ainti-affinity
labels {} labels that will be added on all resources
secret '' secret in which are the credentials for azure_metrics_exporter.
configuration {} configuration under the yaml form for azure_metrics_exporter, excepting credentials section.


Secret structure in kubernetes:

  subscription_id: <SUBSCRIPTION_ID>
  client_id: <CLIENT_ID>
  client_secret: <CLIENT_SECRET>
  tenant_id: <TENANT_ID>