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Montreal, Canada

Scripts to automate lift-and-shift with CloudEndure and the AWS Migration Factory

Updated 16 hours ago

Terraform module to deploy AWS Batch Job

Updated 19 hours ago

Updated 23 hours ago

Terraform module to deploy AWS Batch

Updated 1 day ago

A pre-commit docker image.

Updated 1 day ago

This is a mirror of the official AWS VPC module from github. (Prevents failed clones happening frequently when using github).

Updated 2 days ago

Generic module to creates SSM Parameters for AWS.

Updated 5 days ago

Mount EFS volume for CentOS / RHEL / Amazon Linux 2 / Debian.

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 1 week ago

An ansible role that helps you launch containers on a machine

Updated 1 week ago

Template repository for public terraform modules

Updated 1 week ago

Terraform module that helps you create a RDS instance.

Updated 1 week ago