A Python script that create Temporary Cerds to use AWS cli commands for Federated Users

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Playbook to deploy and configure Linux SSO

Updated 3 months ago

Mount EFS volume for CentOS / RHEL / Amazon Linux 2 / Debian.

Updated 2 months ago

An ansible role that helps you launch containers on a machine

Updated 1 month ago

Arm templates for backup settings and schedule in 'Recovery Service Vaults', Azure.

Updated 9 months ago

Helm chart for alertmanager-webhook-rocketchat.

Updated 6 months ago

Deployment chart for alertmanager-webhook-servicenow

Updated 6 months ago

Helm chart for azure_metrics_exporter.

Updated 6 months ago

Chart to deploy the poweradmin-exporter

Updated 6 months ago