Terraform module to deploy jMeter on kubernetes

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pre-commit hooks to validate commit messages against the afcmf standard

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Terraform module for creating enhanced aws s3 buckets

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Generic module to creates SSM Parameters for AWS.

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X EC2 (or 1 ASG X:X); X external volumes; X network interfaces; KMS key for volumes; Key pair

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This is a mirror of the official AWS VPC module from github. (Prevents failed clones happening frequently when using github).

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Help reduce the cost of an AWS infrastructure.

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A pre-commit docker image.

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Terraform module that helps you create a RDS instance.

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Terraform module that deploy the needed resources to deploy the cloudwatch-agent on kubernetes

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Terraform module to deploy the kubernetes cluster autoscaler on kubernetes.

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Create and deploy the AWS-EFS storage class on Kubernetes.

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